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Scott Wylie Wins Plyler Overhead Door Modified Feature: Night at the Races Presented by Northwest Savings Bank and Greenfield Basket Factory at Lake Erie Speedway

Scott Wylie Wins Plyler Overhead Door Modified Feature: Night at the Races Presented by Northwest Savings Bank and Greenfield Basket Factory at Lake Erie Speedway

By Jay Pees


North East, PA (June 7, 2014): A Night at the Races presented by Northwest Savings Bank and Greenfield Basket Factory featured a 40-lap feature race for the Plyler Overhead Door Modifieds. "Chamber of Commerce" weather treated the 4,818 fans as they entered the speed-plant for an evening of racing entertainment featuring five classes of stock car racing.


Brandon DeBrakeleer, winner on opening night, was the fastest qualifier for the Legends with a fast lap of 17.347 seconds, 0.073 seconds faster than Carl Vilardo IV with Jeff Dunfee III third fastest, one tenth of a second off DeBrakeleer's pace.


The Presque Isle Downs and Casino Lucky Lineup Game set the inversions during pre race ceremonies as the dice came up six for all race divisions.


Beckie Jackson and TJ Colby brought the NASCAR Compacts to the green for their feature with Colby taking the immediate lead. Opening night winner Jim Tobin came from his sixth starting spot to second by the end of two laps but then lost power for a brief time, slipping all the way to the rear but then got going again, although half a lap behind. Jeff Breads came to the lead with four laps complete. With nine laps remaining Philip Powell came to second. Four laps later Tobin was back through the field to fourth then to third with two laps remaining. Breads went on to the win by several lengths over Powell with Tobin third, Colby fourth, and Bob Moore fifth. The race ran green to checkers with no cautions.


Dale Lombardo and Drake McCray brought the ten-car INEX Bandoleros feature to the green with Lombardo leading the opening laps until Donald Buell took over at the front. Defending champion Matt Mead was alongside at the stripe at the competition of seven laps, taking the lead before the end of eight. In lapped traffic at lap nine third running Daniel got tangled up with the lapped car of Drake McCray causing both to spin, bringing out caution and tightening the field. After green Mead and Donald Buell had a torrid battle for the lead and were side by side coming out of the final turn but Buell inched ahead for the win. Following Buell and Mead to the line were Lombardo, Chase Firestone, and Daniel Buell.


The front row of the NASCAR Street Stocks feature was comprised of Jay Queen and Tim Arthur with Queen leading the way after one. Queen led with Arthur second and Dave Krawczyk coming from his seventh starting position to the lead at the end of eight circuits. Charlie Anderson got by Arthur at lap eleven and then a lap later Russ Conti replacing him in the order then coming to second with fourteen complete. At the halfway point the order was Krawczyk, Conti, Charlie Anderson, Queen, and Ed Hall. Queen experienced mechanical ails just two laps past halfway and retired to the infield. Hall got by Anderson for third with six to go, then the top three at the finish was set with Krawczyk claiming his second feature win in as many weeks to start the season. Conti finished the thirty-lapper second with a Hall third. Vern Heddrick got by Charlie Anderson for fourth on the final run to the checkers.


The thirty-lap Legends feature was brought to the green by Jeff Ehert on the pole with Tyler McArdle alongside. Mike Anderson looped it in turn three on lap one and collected Mike Riforgiato, slowing the event just after the leaders crossed the line to complete lap one. On the restart McArdle took over the lead with Jeff Dunfee III coming to second but another caution happened for a two car spin in turn one. Dunfee grabbed the lead at the green but McArdle was back in front at the end of three laps. Dunfee was ahead at the end of four then McArdle spun out in turn three after contact from pole sitter Ehert. With twenty-five laps remaining the field again took the green flag from starter Jamie Sax with week one winner Brandon DeBrakeleer next to Dunfee. The two ran side by side with DeBrakeleer edging ahead after two laps under green. RJ White was in third at this point. With nine complete Melissa Brockman's car suddenly erupted in flames coming down the front straight, red flagging the event. She was uninjured but her night was done. At eleven complete Vilardo was back up to fourth and then third a lap later. At halfway DeBrakeleer led Dunfee, Vilardo, White, and Owen Bednasz. With ten to go Vilardo was right on Dunfee's rear bumper but traffic allowed Dunfee to pull back out to a three length cushion by lap twenty three. With three to go Vilardo had again closed the gap but could not get by as DeBrakeleer cruised to his second win in a row over Dunfee with Vilardo having to settle for third. Bednasz was fourth with Pat Lyden fifth.


Forty laps of Plyler Overhead Door Modifieds got the green flag with seventeen competitors taking the green, led by Jeff Campbell and Eric McCray. McCray led the opening lap with Scott Wylie taking over in lap two. Randy Culver came to second at the end of five laps dropping McCray back to third. By fifteen laps into the race Wylie had a quarter-lap lead over Culver with McCray third Dale Murdock fourth and Chris Briggs fifth. Then Mike McConnell spun in turn four for the event's first caution. With Team 24 leading the field back to green Wylie eased ahead through the first lap under green and opened his lead quickly. Murdock came to third at lap eighteen but the leaders were moving away. The top five was still the same at the halfway point with Wylie still putting space between he and Culver. The leaders encountered lapped traffic with ten to go but Bob Fisher spun in turn two just as traffic was getting heavy for Wylie. With seven laps remaining Team 24 brought the field back to the green in a single-file start with Wylie quickly re-establishing his dominance. At the finish it was Wylie, Culver, Murdock, McCray, and Chris Briggs.



Plyler Overhead Door Modifieds:

Heat 1: Randy Culver, Scott Wylie, Eric McCray, Dale Murdock, Dennis Hagg, Dwayne VanTassel, Jack Hall, Mike McConnell, Wesley McCray

Heat 2: Terry Akerly, Chris Briggs, Jeff Campbell, Ken Moore Sr, Luke Rutsky, Bob Fisher, Michael Walker, Carter Mook (DNS)

Feature: Scott Wylie, Randy Culver, Dale Murdock, Eric McCray, Chris Briggs, Michael Walker, Terry Akerly, Dennis Hagg, Luke Rutsky, Jeff Campell, Jack Hall, Wesley McCray, Ken Moore Sr, Bob Fisher, Dwayne VanTassel, Mike McConnell, Carter Mook


NASCAR Street Stocks:

Heat 1: David Krawczyk, Charlie Anderson, Russ Conti, Vern Heddrick, Tim Arthur, Jay Queen, Ed Hall, Erick Anderson, Patrick Anderson, Josh Hunter (DNS)

Feature: Dave Krawczyk, Russ Conti, Ed Hall, Vern Heddrick, Erick Anderson, Tim Arthur, Jay Queen, Patrick Anderson, Josh Hunter



Heat 1: Brandon DeBrakeleer, Jeff Dunfee III, Tyler McArdle, Melissa Brockman, Anthony Riforgiato, Michael Anderson, Pat Lyden, Darrin Waldron, Michael Riforgiato

Heat 2: Carl Vilardo, Owen Bednasz, Jeff Ehert, RJ White, Keith Platz, Terry Lindstrom, Bill Lyden, Cale Grimes

Feature: Brandon DeBrakeleer, Jeff Dunfee III, Carl Vilardo, Owen Bednasz, Pat Lyden, RJ White, Keith Platz, Jeff Ehert, Anthony Riforgiato, Terry Lindstrom, Cale Grimes, Bill Lyden, Darrin Waldron, Tyler McArdle, Michael Riforgiato, Melissa Brockman, Michael Anderson


INEX Bandoleros:

Heat 1: Matt Mead, Donald Buell, Daniel Buell, Chase Firestone, Drake McCoy, Dale Lombardo, Chris Breads, Ryan Bednasz, Roy Hayes, George Hayes

Feature: Donald Buell, Matt Mead, Dale Lombardo, Chase Firestone, Daniel Buell, Chris Breads, Roy Hayes, Drake McCray, Ryan Bednasz, George Hayes


NASCAR Compacts:

Heat 1: Jeff Breads, Jim Tobin, TJ Colby, Joelle Dziduch, Bondy Stoyer, Philip Strait

Heat 2: Phillip Powell, Bob Moore, Beckie Jackson, Brandon Huffman, Chris Ecker, Phil Jackson (DNS)

Feature: Jeff Breads, Phillip Powell, Jim Tobin, TJ Colby, Bob Moore, Joelle Dziduch, Bondy Stoyer, Beckie Jackson, Phil Jackson, Brandon Huffman, Chris Ecker, Phillip Strait