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The 13th Annual Race to Read Program presented Fox 66

Race to Read Program begins March 24th, 2014!

Available for all Elementary Schools

Individual grade levels or entire schools can participate


Students will be required to read an average of 15 minutes a day for a four-week period. The program will run from March 24th through May 5th (a six (6) week period). It is up to the teachers to determine the amount of time to be read by the individual students each day or week. For example, if your school has a test or a vacation week, you could skip that week for required reading and continue the following week. You could also choose to do all of the reading in the first four weeks or the last four weeks of the program. The most convenient method for the school/students will qualify for the program as long as the basic requirements are met.

All students participating in the program will receive the following:

- Six (6) FREE tickets to the “Race to Read Night” at Lake Erie Speedway Saturday, June 14th, 2014.

- A Schedule Bookmark from Lake Erie Speedway

All participating schools will receive the following:

• An appearance at the school with a Lake Erie Speedway race car driver

• The appearance includes a presentation about driver safety and the importance of reading

• Lake Erie Speedway will make every effort to bring a race car to each appearance however, due to time constraints, weather, and prior commitments; Lake Erie Speedway cannot guarantee every school will have a race car present for the presentation.

Race to Read Program presented by Fox 66

The Race to Read Program is designed to motivate, encourage, and inspire our area’s most important resource-CHILDREN. With your involvement, this program will leave a long lasting impression on students. Everyone knows that reading can be challenging and “boring” for some kids. Lake Erie Speedway has come up with a way to keep kids motivated about reading! The Race to Read program offers incentives for reading and keeps students looking forward to starting the program the following year.

Frequently asked questions:

Q: Do the teachers or parents keep track of the students reading minutes?

A: Lake Erie Speedway will provide a tracking sheet for the teachers or the parents.

Q: Does classroom reading count?

A: Absolutely, some teachers will introduce a few “racing” themed books before the race car shows up at the school. This gives the kids some extra motivation to read.

Q: What does the driver appearance include?

A: Lake Erie Speedway will bring an actual Lake Erie Speedway race car driver to the school. A Lake Erie Speedway representative along with at least one race car driver will give a 20 minute presentation about driver safety. The presentation will also incorporate the importance of reading for a race car driver. A question and answer period will take place. After the presentation is complete, if available, the students can then go outside to see the race car.

Q: How long does the appearance take?

A: Roughly 40-50 minutes from start to finish. It can be completed in a shorter or longer amount of time depending on the needs of the teachers.

Q: When do we get the tickets for the “Race to Read Night” at Lake Erie Speedway?

A: Lake Erie Speedway will provide the tickets at the driver appearance at your school.

Q: What if I have a student who tried to reach his or hers goal but came up short?

A: We know that not every kid will reach the goal, but as long as they try and put forth some effort we will still reward them with the incentives. We do not want to leave any kids out for not meeting the requirement (as long as an honest attempt was made).

If you have any other questions, please feel free to contact me at any time:

Jason Scanlon

Lake Erie Speedway

2425 West 23rd Street

Erie, PA 16506

Work Office Number (814) 878-4599

Work Fax Number (814) 725-3353

Email: jscanlon@lakeeriespeedway.com

Schools that participated in 2014:

Brocton Central School

Chautauqua Lake Elementary

Columbus Elementary

Conneaut Lake Elementary

Conneaut Valley Elementary

Corry Elementary School

Edinboro Elementary

Forestville Elementary

Joanna Connell Elementary

Klein Elementary

North East Elementary

Panama Central School

Sherman Central School

Silver Creek Elementary School

Spartansburg Elementary

St. George

Waterford Elementary

Westfield Elementary

5,556 kids participated in 2014 and read over 3 million minutes!