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Lake Erie Speedway Drivers

15n - Nick Ledson
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Hometown: Bolton, ON
Nick Name: Twitter Name: LedsonMtrsports
Age: 16
Sponsor(s): 1. Cavalier Transportation
2. Ledson Wines
3. Trailcon Leasing
4. Preimer Peterbuilt
5. Jackson Transportation
6. TBM Legal Services
Racing Division: Legends
Years Racing: 7 years
What do you like about Lake Erie Speedway:
The number of competitors
Favorite Driver:
Kyle Busch
Favorite Racing Moment:
Winning the Ontario grand national race (karts)
Least Favorite Racing Moment:
Flipping a go kart and breaking my elbow
What do you do in your free time:
Golfing and Hanging out with my team
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