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Legends and Bandoleros

Legends Series

Wheelbase: 73"
Overall Width: 60"
Overall Length: 10'6"
Height: 46"
Engine: Yamaha 1250cc (sealed)
Horsepower: 122 HP
Weight: 1,100 lbs
Tires: Federal Tires
Wheels: width: 7"
diameter: 13"
Suspension: Coil over with Bilstein shocks
Frame: Full tubeframe with integral roll cage
Harness: Simpson five-point



Bandolero Division       


Wheelbase: 70"
Overall Width: 47"
Overall Length: 10' 9"
Height: 34"
Displacement: 570cc
Horsepower: 30 HP
Weight: 750 lbs (w/ driver)
Harness: Simpson five-point
Engine: Briggs & Stratton Vanguard (sealed)
Tires: 7" x 17" BFGoodrich spec racing tires
Wheels: 6" spec racing wheel
Suspansion: Coil over with Carrera shocks
Frame: Full tubeframe with roll cage